Support, develop and keep talent in 2023!

Written by Jonathan Griffiths

Published 6 January 2023

The volatility of 2022 has laid out an uncertain path for 2023. Businesses and people alike will be confronted with unfamiliar challenges and if equipped well, they will ride the stormy waters. The strain on our people at home and at work should not be underestimated and it’s a time where support should be increased, not withdrawn. Support comes in many forms and here are a few that will help keep your people equipped for success.

1. Keep everyone informed

Voids will fill quickly with speculation and misinformation if people feel uninformed. Keeping your people informed about how the business is doing and sharing the proactive steps you’re taking to handle these challenging times will inspire confidence and optimism, whereas lack of transparency will do the opposite. More than this, asking for your people’s input will empower them.

2. Encourage your own community spirit

Instilling a community spirit within your business will strengthen relationships and support networks. Many of us need a sense ofsupport your talent belonging and encouraging your people to share ideas, tips, and best practices, whether personal or work orientated, is a fantastic way to build a robust team.

3. Keep moving forward

The tempting and often first response for businesses in tough times is to pull up the draw bridge and wait for it all to blow over. But while this seems the safe option, think about how this trickles down to your people and the impact that sterile decisions in the boardroom will have on them. Will they perceive this as a sign of strength and buoyancy or a sign of weakness and vulnerability? Be a leader among your competitors or run the risk of wandering eyes from your people noticing your bolder competitors.

4. Continue to develop and provide opportunities

You will not keep talented people if you stop providing development opportunities. There is so much choice in the labour market for talented people and they recognise this. If they feel like their development is being stunted, they will look at other options where they can fulfil their ambitions.

If this resonates with you, and you’re keen to understand how a Talent Experience Platform can help you to keep everyone informed, encourage a community spirit and keep providing development opportunities, get in touch today.

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