Monetise your learning platform

Generate revenue by selling your online courses and events directly from your learning platform.

At Cortexa we’ve developed a fully integrated eCommerce extension to Totara TXP, allowing your users to purchase online courses, classroom and virtual event tickets, and more.

Sell courses, events, and
physical commodities

Our eCommerce extension permits the sale of online courses, virtual or physical events and even commodities like workbooks, merchandise and more.

Flexible purchase options

Allow users to make their own purchases or purchases on behalf of others. Tokens can also be purchased and allocated to learners later.  

Customer spotlight: Hampshire County Council

HCC has already realised several key benefits from the implementation of Totara Learn and eCommerce, including easier course booking and enrolment, the ability to host eLearning built in-house and the ability for customer organisations to enrol their own teams with customised learning experiences.

Additionally, HCC has opened up learning to new audiences. The user-friendly setup makes it easy for individual learners to search and pay for courses and events, creating a new revenue stream for HCC.

Totara Learn plus the eCommerce solution will enable HCC to expand their offering in the years to come, making this a truly futureproof solution for their learners.

Further eCommerce features

Auto enrolment at
point of purchase

Once your user has paid access to the purchased course or course bundle is immediate. Equally, access can be delayed if payment by invoice is preferred. 

International sales support

You can configure tax policies by country and even provide individual store fronts in a preferred currency. 

Secure and flexible payment options

Stripe and PayPal integration ensure the highest security standards whilst pay by invoice is also supported. Other payment gateways are available. 

Reporting to provide
purchasing insights

Editable embedded reports provide data on purchases made and even extends to product views that have not yielded a purchase. Data transfers to external invoicing and CRM software can also be facilitated. 

Discounts, coupons and vouchers

Offer discount codes and preferential pricing based on user audiences. You can also set time or usage limited special offer pricing.