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B/S/H/ Academy – A customer case study webinar in collaboration with Totara. A round table discussion on the strategies employed to revolutionise the learning landscape across the diverse population of B/S/H brands and customers.

Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation (GDHV) - webinar success story on DHV’s Blended learning transformation with Totara.
H5P course creation – a collection of HTML5-based, open source interactive modules suitable for various learning purposes. The vision behind H5P is to ’empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content.


The power of storytelling – Totara podcast we’re focusing on how storytelling can transform the learning experience, making it more engaging and memorable. This episode covers how to effectively integrate stories into learning design and the impact they have on learner engagement and retention.

Latest L&D trends – Talking about the current trends in the HR Tech and learning and development landscape. Looking at where organisations are investing and what you can do now to invest in your people’s skills. Discussing how you can build a talent experience in your own organisation and reflect on ways to avoid a downward L&D spiral.

Engaging onboarding – Reflecting on how to build out an engaging onboarding experience for all your new starters.
Harpal Sandhu on how they collaborated with Totara Platinum Partner Deloitte Belgium to create their Major Programmes onboarding journey.

Totara Community

The Totara Community provides a vibrant environment in which users and all interested parties can share experiences and best practice. A free to use resource bringing together learning professionals from all over the world to learn and develop their know-how on the effective use of learning technology in the workplace.
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  • Ask questions of the Totara Community Support team
  • Join communities of practice and sector groups
  • Attend webinars showcasing key features, success stories and industry insights
  • Get certified with the Totara Academy

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Download the Totara Community brochure to explore how you can connect, learn, and grow with thousands of Totara users.

Download the Totara Academy brochure to explore how you can connect, learn, and grow with thousands of Totara users.