Leading the way with microLED technology display solutions

Plessey is working with world leaders in consumer technology, who are paving the way with innovative next-generation Augmented Reality and wearable applications, based on advanced microLED display solutions. Drawing on over a decade of semiconductor and optoelectronics expertise, Plessey has developed an award-winning, unique and proprietary GaN-on-Silicon platform and monolithic process at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Devon, UK.

The Journey

Plessey first engaged with Cortexa during the 2023 Learning Tech exhibition in London. After initial discussions the project brief was explored in detail during a series of online meetings culminating in a Totara demo site being established to provide the Plessey management team a proof of concept. Following further discussions and an in depth planning phase the resulting Totara site was launched to a fanfare and cupcakes on 14th February 2024.


Integration and transition from existing systems to a new solution of increased impact and greater opportunity

The Plessey production facility manufacture using expensive and delicate equipment within a hi-tech clean room environment. All operating personnel must be fully trained to undertake each process to ensure perfect results and to avoid the contamination of high cost raw materials, any errors in this process or the availability of correctly trained staff can result in a production standstill. Previous training and quality control methods was facilitated via a combination of spreadsheets and database sources which provided a robust system but was not easily accessible and lacked a reporting system. Also, there was no wider training facility in place to fulfil their aspirations to extend staff training across the entire business.


To replace the existing system with a single digital solution that eventually could hold the operator business critical training records whilst simultaneously providing a wider range of training courses to their entire staff. Whilst the long-term goal is to dispense with their original spreadsheet approach to competency tracking their initial launch would need to retain and integrate their current process whilst offering a much wider selection of bite sized courses across the entire business. Once this was fully operational then the Totara solution could facilitate a full switch via an alternative approach to critical training recording or at the very least provide a greater integration method to synchronise data in real time.

  • The solution needed to be scalable.
  • A single platform providing facilities and tracking to critical and non-critical training.
  • SCORM compliant hosting so that courses could be easily sourced.
  • Badges, certificates or gamification elements to foster a learning culture.


Following a Totara platform proof of concept Plessey were able to see how the initial installation and feature expansion could over time facilitate a phased approach and therefore eventually provide a unified solution. They recognised that Cortexa’s consultative and long-term partner approach would support them as they grew into their new LMS platform and help them look to simplify and integrate their business-critical competency tracking once the time was right. In the meantime, Cortexa provided a cross system communication bridge which synchronises both systems over-night. This kept the robust existing system but provided access to the data via Totara’s more user-friendly interface and report generation.
To populate their LMS and build towards their wider learning culture Plessey sourced over 400 bite sized courses across a wide range of topics including manufacturing, interpersonal skills, leadership management etc. which were uploaded prior to launch. A HR user import was used to load users whilst their primary job titles triggered what content was seen. Upon launch staff have been actively supported and encouraged to build up their own learning paths in a broadly self-directed learning approach. The plan is that over the next 12 months Plessey will gradually create more structured learning paths and programs, but at launch a first-time sweet shop approach has been used to encourage maximum engagement.


Plessey carefully planned their LMS launch and teased its arrival by utilising their network of display screens before a fanfare launch with cakes on the 14th February. Results are being continually monitored and reviewed but within only eight weeks over 50% of the work forced had logged in and since launch over 800 micro courses have already been completed. To further drive early and continuous engagement Plessey have already built and launched numerous badge achievements using the Totara support for open badges. Mark Gray, Learning & Development Manager within Plessey has launched LMS solutions previously and confirmed that experience had taught him that it was wise to launch features steadily. He therefore has a series of further planned roll out for the platform which include the inclusion of the first compulsory compliance training, new starter inductions programmes and later their own internal courses. In the meantime, there are also plans to load up existing records of prior learning which until now were recorded using a variety of different methods and therefore spread throughout the business.

“Plessey are a complex and high tech business which required a learning partner that could support and advise on a continual basis. We were very aware that any solution would need to be adopted in a phased approach to maximise the benefits on offer. Cortexa has throughout the process shown a willingness  to listen and help us whilst maintaining a “Can Do” attitude which continues to prove invaluable..”

Mark Gray

Learning & Development Manager , Plessey






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