Upgrading ieso’s admin and user experiences
through an LMS migration

An new intuitive learning management system
for a growing organisation

ieso is a digital healthcare company with deep scientific and technical expertise that is primed to revolutionise mental health. As pioneers in digital solutions that harness AI, ieso are focused on developing new digital products that provide clinical-grade mental healthcare at massive scale. ieso’s insights from their globally unique dataset have already improved thousands of lives.


A personalised, user-friendly, single sign on site

IESO approached us because their outdated Totara site was not providing the services and support, they needed. They were having difficulty developing new, useful resources for their counsellors, and their limited knowledge of single sign-on was generating problems with integration with their Clinical Hub. In reaction to the restrictions of their previous site, they began to employ other tools, such as page tiger and a second WordPress site, to cover apparent gaps.

The existing site was an old version that had not been updated for several years it was also based on an unfamiliar database.

Their requirements were as follows:

  • Reliable single sign on via Office 365 and with their Clinical Hub (a separate portal that holds clinical data on patients).
  • Easy access and search for a wide range of static documents including site protocols for a large number of NHS trusts.
  • The ability to add courses and resources that were fit for purpose for their users.
  • The ability to add new audiences including permanent staff and the technical members of a development arm stop.
  • A partner who can work with them to develop the site and its functionality in the long term.


Migrating your data safely
Cortexa connected with the previous partner to facilitate the transfer of the site and data. Once we had unpacked that data, we were able to create a new site based on the latest version of Totara. This involved migrating all the data to MySQL and taking the site through a series of upgrades.

It was clear at this point that the administration of the site had deteriorated and there was a lot of overlap in permissions and audiences that needed to be addressed. A major consulting piece was completed to reorganise the way the site presented information and segregated content between clinicians and counsellors.

From that point it was a straight forward mobilisation project. We spent time with the ieso team to bring them up to speed with the advances in the total product that had happened over the past three years and effectively retrain them as site administrators. We engaged with the ieso technical team to enable single sign on between the three platforms and we’re on hand to help the ieso team to familiarise themselves with the new site.


A more intuitive site for everyone

The site was always active, but the new dashboard-based user journey was a big hit. The effort invested by ieso administrators and their Cortexa guides fine-tuning access to a wide range of resources and learning means that practitioners’ time spent accessing and updating information has been drastically reduced. Feedback from the practitioners also indicates that the site is much cleaner and easier to use.


“The Clinician Hub ticks all our boxes with its broad capabilities. The new site also looks great and is much more user-friendly! The Cortexa team were incredibly easy to communicate with during the project, and our questions were answered promptly. They understood our needs and the relationship has been a true partnership. Cortexa continue to support our vision and passion every step of the way.”
Kelly Smyth

Senior CPD Support, ieso






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