The Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP) is an incredibly feature rich platform but it’s the outcomes it facilitates that really lead to business impact. Here is just a selection of challenges we hear from our customers, and the L&D industry in general, which Totara TXP provides fantastic outcomes for.

Authenticating Users

Totara has a number of built in authentication plugins and APIs which can support a range of user types with different login requirements including self-registration (with or without approval), Single Sign On (SSO) and shared authentication.

Single Sign On can be implemented using a variety of methods and can usually be achieved via configuration or minimal development.

One of these methods is via the OAuth2-based API which allows you to set up logins via Microsoft, LinkedIn and/or Google accounts.

Totara also allows multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Site Administrators. This multi-step login process helps to protect your Totara Site Administrator account by adding an extra layer of security. Totara’s MFA requires you to use an authenticator app in addition to your password to access your account.

By combining an authenticator app with the password system, MFA makes it harder for someone to access your account and compromise your Totara site, even if they are able to obtain or guess your password. This helps to keep your site, as well as your users’ personal information, safe.

There are several features and mechanisms within that Totara that support onboarding and pre-onboarding.

Audiences allow for the automatic assignment of courses, certifications, programs, competencies, performance activities, goals and workspaces. Audience rules include job roles, departments, business units, location, tenant membership as well as custom profile fields and whether certain learning items have or have not been completed. The flexibility of audiences means that learners can be onboarded timely and with a high degree of personalisation and automation.

Purpose built dashboards, induction courses and programs, community forums, resource hubs and role-based competency frameworks are just some of the options available to make your onboarding process best in class.

Increase Engagement

User engagement comes when you tap into learner motivations, of which there are many across a broad spectrum of demographics and working generations. Totara allows learning strategists to gain intel on the most effective and valued methods by learner groups, and conversely what isn’t working too.  Totara also provides the tools to ensure your diverse learners are kept engaged.
  • High accessibility standards
  • Intuitive and flexible navigation
  • Audience specific learning experiences
  • User choice/polls, pulse surveys and ratings
  • Engagement reports, not just traditional course completions
  • Likes, shares and comments on content
  • #tagging
  • User-generated resources
  • Author interactive content directly from within Totara
  • Personalised notifications
  • Recommendations and related content intelligence
  • Access through Microsoft Teams
  • Gamification 

Meaningful Performance Development

If your performance development approach is non-existent, inconsistent, or generally an unproductive exercise, you’re not alone – 49% of UK employees lack regular performance conversations and it’s a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Totara Perform is the performance management tool you need to for a highly productive workforce.

  • Performance activities
  • Custom and automated workflows
  • Appraisals
  • Feedback
  • Check-ins
  • Personal and company goals
  • Competency management
  • Performance activity reporting

Download the full Totara Perform Functionality sheet HERE.

Authoring Content

Its one thing to manage a learning platform successfully and another thing entirely to continually produce content that’s timely and impactful. It can be resource and cost heavy which can lead to content shortfalls which in turn negatively impact the value learner’s place on your organisation’s whole development enterprise.

Authoring tools are great but if you’re going to use them internally you need the expertise and resource to harness them efficiently which is easier said than done. Totara offers in-built authoring capability to support your content authoring endeavours. Apply your learning design directly in Totara to produce interactive content easily and flexibly using an array of different formats:

  • Interactive presentations and content via native H5P
  • Trackable video streaming
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • On-the-job training exercises
  • Set assignments requiring submission uploads
  • Create and upload resources in seconds (articles, videos, webinars, infographics, file downloads etc.)
  • Extend authoring permissions to users
  • Curate courses and resources into playlists

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