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Creating an industry that gives people the skills and knowledge needed to forge sustainable futures

For four generations, Viessmann has been helping to improve people’s quality of life with innovative technologies – initially with heat. During this time, the family-owned company has evolved from a heating manufacturer to a provider of intelligent heating and energy solutions. Technical progress is not, however, Viessmann’s sole focus. Sustainable thinking and action are also firmly embedded in the corporate values. In this way, Viessmann helps to create and preserve living spaces for future generations.


Clearly identified performance needs

Viessmann were already an existing client of Cortexa for whom we host a Learning Management System with content provided by them and created by us. However, knowing our expertise, they approached us with a challenge. They wanted Viessmann Trained Installers to be able to register domestic boiler installations online with Gas Safe™ and to register the homeowner’s boiler warranty, in one easy step.

They wanted a slick mobile friendly process to enable this and to provide the customer with their extended warranty options which they could pay for online. They also wanted customers to receive both the Gas Safe™ building regulations certificate and their warranty certificate electronically in real time.  After several project meetings where we helped to tease out the detailed requirements, we set about designing an app to address the need. To be effectively adopted by the bulk of their trained installers any solution would need to be available on both iOS and Android devices.


Advancing employee capability, saving time and driving efficiency 

After much development and testing Cortexa went on to create and have approved a Registration UK app.  The app allows Viessmann trained installers to administer their boiler installations whilst still on-site. At the point of installation, the technician can scan the appliance serial number which automatically pulls through all the required information on that particular boiler product.

Now an install notification can be submitted immediately and within seconds the customer receives their Gas Safe™ certificate via email.   The app also manages warranties allowing the installer to purchase an extended warranty for their customer via a mobile payment’s facility. Alternatively, the householder themselves can choose a warranty for the boiler online, again receiving a warranty certificate via email.

All data gathered by the app is integrated with Viessmann’s back-office systems giving them an accurate ‘what, where & when’ picture of their installations. 

The Registration UK app is developed natively to run on Android or iOS devices & is distributed via The App Store or Google Play Store. Access to the app is restricted to Viessmann Installers by authenticating them against Viessmann’s Installer Portal database. 

The app is fully integrated via an API with the portal allowing information to be entered at the customer’s home whilst offline & then synchronised later when an Internet connection is available. 

This API integration also enables the app to cater for special warranty promotions that are offered for a limited time period. 


Growing a diverse and innovative team

Since the Viessmann’s Registration UK app was first made available to installers in April 2017, its use has grown steadily. A year on, approximately 20% of the average 2,000 installations per month recorded on the portal are submitted via the app. Growth of its adoption remains strong and Viessmann are convinced that this unique solution drives increased extended warranty up take and differentiates them from competitor brands.

“Within the branches where the training has been completed, we have seen an uplift in sales which is quite dramatic, and certainly justifies the investment in Cortexa.”

Graham Russell

Managing Director, Viessmann






Scottish Prison Service




Glen Dimplex (GDHV)



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