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Caring for the Hampshire County with innovative learning solutions

Hampshire County Council (HCC) is the county council that governs the majority of the county of Hampshire in England. It provides the upper tier of local government, below which are district councils, and town and parish councils. HCC has a dedicated Adults’ Health and Care department that deliver vital training to local care providers in the Hampshire area and beyond.


Seamless course booking system and hosting through eCommerce.

Traditionally, Hampshire County Council had provided face-to-face training to care provider partners and the COVID-19 pandemic had stopped that training taking place. However, the need for training had not diminished, and they needed an online platform to continue delivering training via online eLearning.

HCC required a flexible solution that would allow them to service many businesses of varying sizes as well as individual practitioners wishing to develop their knowledge and skills, thus appealing to both B2B and B2C markets. The solution also needed the functionality of delivering face-to-face events to enable the gradual reintroduction of face-to-face training to complement the newly available online training.


A blended learner friendly LMS and branded tenanted areas

Following a tender process, HCC concluded that a Totara platform delivered by Cortexa would meet their requirements. The solution initially consisted of two core elements: the Totara Learn LMS to manage the training, and an integrated WordPress site to act as the front end ‘shop’ for course and event payment. Cortexa subsequently built a custom eCommerce payment system plugin that once configured to the HCC Totara instance, allowed HCC to manage flexible payment options within the Totara platform, thus removing the need for a front-end WordPress integration.

Totara Learn gave HCC a professional and easy-to-use LMS which was key to ensure that the system was credible to potential customers, learner friendly and enabled administrators to easily update content and manage the onboarding of new customers effectively. HCC could also deliver blended learning to their customers in the longer term, including classroom events, webinars, online modules, and resource sharing. Through consultancy with Cortexa, HCC developed scalable product options for their customers, which extended to the option of creating branded tenanted areas of the site and the choice of learning bundles that could be allocated by organisation. 

As well as providing a class-leading solution to new and established B2B customers, HCC also wanted to attract B2C customers to their Totara system. It was critical for individuals to be able to find the system via search engines and other channels.
As previously mentioned, this was first facilitated via a hybrid Totara/WordPress solution but whilst this largely met the requirements, it posed administrative and user challenges. The later introduction of the eCommerce plugin solution meant that the payment facility now resided within the Totara platform and the user and admin experience was vastly improved.

The introduction of our eCommerce solution also allowed HCC to introduce more varied and flexible payment, discount and access models that better aligned with their customer’s buying behaviours.


In-house auto enrolment, course booking capabilities
and eLearning hosting 

HCC has already realised several key benefits from the implementation of Totara Learn and our eCommerce solution, including easier course booking and enrolment, the ability to host eLearning built in-house and the ability for customer organisations to enrol their own teams with customised learning experiences.

Additionally, HCC has opened up learning to new audiences. The user-friendly setup makes it easy for individual learners to search and pay for courses and events, creating a new revenue stream for HCC.

Their Totara Learn + eCommerce solution will enable HCC to expand their offering in the years to come, making this a truly futureproof solution for their learners.

Throughout the project, the team at Cortexa have been on hand to ensure the solution meets our technical requirements and regulatory obligations. We now have the capability of delivering custom training packages to our partners and the ability to market our content to individuals who need access to Adult Care training.

Paul Castle

Learning & Development, Adults’ Health and Care, Hampshire County Council






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