On boarding programme to welcome new starters

Haldane Fisher is one of the leading independent suppliers to the construction industry in the UK and Ireland. They are a long-term customer of Cortexa and for them we supply and host a bespoke online training Academy. This eLearning portal provides their employees hundreds of hours of training content provided by their many suppliers or specific modules commissioned from Cortexa.


Their most recent project was to request our help in creating an On Boarding programme to help induct new starters into the business. The new content was to provide a slick, timely and professional approach to welcoming new employees and informing them about the company, compliance, and general housekeeping. Cortexa worked alongside Haldane Fisher’s Managing Director and their HR department to document their existing traditional Induction process. We then divided the core messages into individual elements and agreed what medium would best suited the information that needed to be delivered.


An engaging and interactive induction programme
The final project resulted in five modules much of which included video footage as direct to camera delivery. This was considered the most appropriate replacement for the welcome speech given personally within the first few weeks of new starters visiting head office.

Throughout the process our development team worked with Haldane Fisher to create the scripts required and then despatched our in-house filming team to their Head Office in Ireland. The completed videos were combined with the more conventional learning models to form a completed Induction Programme.


Personalised on-demand learning experiences

The end result was a consistent, repeatable programme with accurate information available on demand. New employees were no longer waiting for trainer availability and the compliance and safety information could be tracked to ensure that it was undertaken and understood. As a result, in coming employees received a professional programme of events which helped them be effective more quickly, understand the company they had joined and comply with employees policies and all matters relating to health a safety.  All delivered where and when required.






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