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IMPACT Toolkit

Your action plan to better learning
and performance outcomes


In today’s competitive landscape, organisations invest significant resources in learning and development initiatives. But how do you know if these investments are paying off? How can you measure the impact of learning programs and demonstrate their return on investment?

The Toolkit

In this toolkit, we delve into the eleven tips and exercises for measuring learning impact and proving ROI. From establishing clear KPIs to selecting relevant learning objectives and conducting comprehensive evaluations, it offers key tips and tricks so your learning will have kick and contribute to the bottom line of your organisation – enabling outcomes for your people and your business.

Whether you’re a learning professional, HR manager, or organisational leader, this toolkit equips you with the tools you need to drive tangible results and maximise the impact of your learning efforts.

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A toolkit split into 11 sections 

The toolkit is split into eleven sections. Each section includes some context and guidance, and a quick exercise for you to complete. To demonstrate how the toolkit works, we have included a worked example using a fictional scenario alongside each section.

  1. Know your KPI’s
  2. Evidence of need
  3. Is this problem best solved by learning?
  4. Prioritisation
  5. Always be measuring
  6. The complete learning experience
  7. The voice of the learner
  8. Environment
  9. Context
  10. Proactive stakeholder management
  11. Brutally efficient design