Extended Enterprise LMS

So, what exactly is an Extended Enterprise LMS and what are the possible benefits? Well in essence it is a standard LMS platform for your own business use which then offers the facility to allow outside organisations to access their own tailored version of it. Your company retains a site with its own branding and unique content whilst simultaneously offering partners an alternative experience. Your retailers, distributors, franchisees, contractors or customers can therefore access content you have chosen to provide but, if required, wrapped in their own branding. An Extended Enterprise LMS maximises your investment impact by reaching beyond the confines of just your own staff to those businesses and personnel who can directly affect your own turnover and profitability. By retaining your own core LMS you maintain full security and control but partners get to share the facilities and benefit from the knowledge. Your external “extended” offering could be offered to partners free as a “value added service”. Educating their staff could increase your sales out, decreases returns or drives sales of associated services. As products and services become more complicated to configure, supply and maintain it is crucial that partners have all the specialist knowledge at their fingertips. Providing up to date and accurate information and training could be the ideal competitive edge to ensure partners favour recommending your products and services above all others. Alternatively, partners could be persuaded to pay a contribution for access. If they don’t already have an existing LMS they’ll likely find this easily available option very attractive. If you then provide them the option to populate it with their own custom e-learning content or other off-the-shelf courses then the proposition becomes even more compelling. Depending on their needs you can even provide them with administration access to give them almost total independence. An extended enterprise LMS is also the perfect solution when catering for partners and customers that are highly dispersed and are therefore working across geographic time zones. Providing both online support and training outside of your standard operating hours can otherwise be either expensive or prohibitive. Your centralised learning platform however ensures that all partners access a single up to date repository which delivers only high-quality approved training. Extended Enterprise offerings from Totara can also help significantly through support for multiple languages. In short, more organisations are realising that they can achieve more by opening their learning management platforms to increase its impact and reduce their costs across their entire value chain. To learn more about Totara and Enterprise LMS solutions, call us now on 0330 024 2881, request a call through the form provided or download the guide below.


of learning is delivered to employees, 29% to remote and distributed employees and 26% to non-employees.


of organisations never deliver learning to their franchises or manufacturers, and 74% never deliver learning to suppliers.

12 Months

73% of organisations deliver learning to their extended sales team and technical support teams at least once a year.


of organisations use their LMS to deliver extended enterprise learning, while 43% provide it through a website.